3-minute narrated profile of a doctor-run medical practice. This video is used as part of the recruitment strategy for attracting new physicians.
5-minute origin story of company founders Andy & Gary in their own words. The two high school friends started and expanded a very successful company.
13-minute documentary on the community effort to rebuild a historic middle school destroyed by a devastating fire.
Part 3 of a narrated video series documenting the ongoing research toward developing fossil fuel replacements - gasoline, diesel, jet fuel - from locally-produced biomass, in this case poplar trees.
4-minute profile of a Kulshan Community Land Trust family in their home. The land trust works to keep affordable housing options within the community.
14-minute video about Sustainable Connections, a successful non-profit that serves as a national model for the "Think Local, Buy Local, Be Local" movement.
8-minute compilation of the winners of the Bellingham, WA school district's annual "Promise Awards" highlighting exceptional faculty and staff.